Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Christmas Already!

I can't believe there is only three days left until Christmas.... I've almost finished up all my gifts. Why is it that every year I wait until the last possible moment to finish up all my projects? I swear, every year I tell myself that "next year I will not procrastinate", yet always end up doing just that. I did pretty good with most of the gifts I hand made this year, with the exception of the gift for my niece. I planned on making a fabric family photo book, and I'm not sure if anyone has tried to use the printable fabric, but even the so called "colorfast" product was not colorfast! Ugh! Well for now I had to put that project on the back burner and completely switched my focus. For now that has to be kept a secret in case my sister happens to read this... so for now this will have to do.

Merry Almost Christmas!

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