Friday, October 15, 2010

Ruffles have Ridges.

So today I learned a new technique and made this cute ruffle pillow. After a bit of searching on the web I found that if you use the longest stitch length and tighten your tension it makes it quite easy to make ruffles. I used strips of plaid fabric, serged the edges, sewed down the center of the strip to make my ruffles, and then attached it to my base fabric. All in all the project took just about an hour, which included making my own pillow form out of an old bed pillow. I've also been working on some Halloween placemats. I wasn't quite paying attention to the colors I got in a fat-quarter pack, because the red and green fabric kind of makes them look X-massy at first glance. I think I may applique some pumpkins on them to more Halloween - less X-mass. I've been much better lately about making myself finish a project even if I'm not 100% about how it's turning out. Sometimes you get a pleasant surprise in the end if you just finish what you start.

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