Monday, August 23, 2010

Not much time for sewing.

I've been far too busy with work, side jobs, house work and of course helping to maintain our own vehicles. We had thoughts to head to Idaho this weekend for a wedding however, the 4-Runner decided not to cooperate with us this weekend for the trip. It's been having an issue (man, I'm tired of all these "issues" we have)with a high idle. After some tinkering and a bit of brain picking, we traced it back to the idle screw... funny since it was a problem with the idle and there happened to be an idle screw on the throttle body. I find that is often the way it is with working on cars... when it's all said and done the solution always seems so obvious (tho trust me it wasn't at the time!). With that problem fixed the stereo then decided to stop working!!! We traced that back to a faulty ground and were able to fix the clock as well. So that's how I spent my weekend... hunched over a computer and over a car. Hope yours went better!

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