Monday, July 26, 2010

Well, I got my wish....

The intermittent overheating issue is back. So glad I have AAA and got a nice tow truck driver that didn't charge me to get over the bridge. You know, it really feels rather humiliating to be towed home - I'm jut saying. Ugh!! And she drove great for a week. I was even able to take my friend all the way across town to Joann's on Saturday with no problems. So tonight my boyfriend and I decided to take my car out to get groceries and on the way there she drove great. Then just about 4 blocks from the store I look down and notice the fuel and temp gauges are pegging again! I'm still thinking it's the radiator, so tomorrow I'll have to test out my new pyrometer and see if I can't find the problem spot(tho knowing my luck the problem will have disappeared). For now - time to sleep!

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