Friday, July 23, 2010

No pictures today....

Sorry, but I just can't spoil the surprise. I've been working on some items for my sister's upcoming baby shower, but I promise to post some after next Saturday. I kind of wanted to make a tutorial for one of the items - I guess we'll see. I did spend some other time moving my beads from one cabinet to another. I inherited this awesome vintage sewing pattern cabinet from my mom. I spent quite a bit of time sanding and repainting (honestly I could have done a better, but halfway through I changed my mind about the color since it was pretty much the same as it started). OH, and I lied.... here are some before and after shots of the cabinet (Please do not mind the mess - I like organized clutter in my creative space). It is perfect to house all my crafty supplies. Of course, I do have 4 of the 5 drawers filled already, but in my defense I did clear out a few bins and another cabinet into it. Anyways, here is some proof I transferred my beads into a drawer (soon to be reorganized) and lastly a picture of one of the fabric drawers that I think looks fabulous! Enjoy!

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  1. Nice fabric drawer! Good idea to have all your craft stuff neatly stored.