Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sometimes I like the rain...

Because it allows me to have more time to sew. I've been busy in the sewing room this last week...
Ok, so these coaster's aren't from this last week, but I forgot to get pictures of these back when I actually made them. When I first came up with the design I liked it so much I've made 24 coaster in all.
Now these I made this last week. I was just having fun with some improve quilting by making some hot pads. I really liked the way they all have turned out and it has been good practice for me to not to over think the design. I tend to spend way too much time thinking and planning out the finished product and not enough time just sewing.

These are the first three I made.

I whipped these three today. My favorites are the ones with the Kaufman silverware fabric.

They just look so pretty all stacked up!

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