Sunday, January 30, 2011

Busy Saturday

Yesterday was a great day! I headed up north to take a "Mystery Quilt" class with my mom at her church. It's my second year taking the class and surely not my last. I have a good time spending the day with fellow quilters and especially my mom. Another thing that made yesterday so great is it was the first time I've taken my car out long distance with my new engine (and definitely won't be my last either). About two weeks ago I got summoned for jury duty and on my way home after a long day performing my civic duty my car decided break again. There was a clearance issue on my cam gear (a novice mechanic's mistake) and it sheared off the dowel pins securing it to to the camshaft causing it to stop rotating. That caused a couple exhaust valves to bend when the collided with the pistons. Long story short, my car up until it's recent event always seemed to have some issue I couldn't quite figure out, and was never quite confident about it to take it out on long trips and now it's finally running great. Finally all current problems have been fixed (knock on wood). Anyways, back to the quilt class - here are some photos from the day.

And lastly, here's a shot of how my Mystery Quilt is coming out and might I add that I'm not sure I'll want to piece together anymore triangles for a while after I'm finished with this quilt!

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